Terms & Conditions

Disputed Charges

When a sign order is processed on UtahYardSigns.com, the User will receive an emailed receipt which will include the amount charged. Furthermore, Users have the ability to log into the website at any time and see past orders and charges in the Order History tab. Users will have up to 30 calendar days to dispute any charges. After 30 calendar days, UtahYardSigns.com will not be able to accommodate any requests regarding disputed charges.

Storage Facility

Utah Yard Signs will store all of your individual or company signs. We will also store any name riders that you may have. Having your signs in our secure storage facility insures timely install requests.

Damaged Sign Posts

In the unlikely event a sign post is damaged, lost or vandalized, a $60 replacement fee shall apply. Please do not attach any stickers, brochure boxes or riders directly to the sign posts as this may also damage the post. Please encourage your sellers to protect the sign and sign post as much as they are able to avoid these unnecessary charges.

Re-Install Request

If a sign post is installed and then the agent or office requests that the sign be moved to another location, there will be a charge for this service, based on the county. This request should be made via the website.

Order Cancellations

If for any reason you need to cancel an installation order, we will do all that we can to cancel your order but if our installer has already began preparations for this install, we will not be able to reverse the charge. If the sign has already been installed, you will need to order a removal via the website.

30 Day “Standing Straight” Guarantee

We guarantee that your yard sign will be installed correctly and stand straight. If during the 1st 30 days it begins to lean and look unprofessional, simply request via the website that it be straightened. This will be done free of charge. After 30 days, a trip charge will apply based on the county.

Complimentary Sign Pick-Up

As a courtesy, Utah Yard Signs will pick up an agent’s signs and place them in our secure storage facility. This courtesy pick up should be scheduled via the website. All subsequent pick up requests will be charged on a per county basis.

Outside Normal City Limits

There are many smaller cities in Utah that are considered part of a larger nearby city but are not actually in “close proximity” to the larger city in question. If our installers must travel outside the “normal city limits” to install a sign or perform a service, there may be an additional charge for this install. Additional charges will vary. Should you have specific questions related to this, please contact us.

Inclement Weather

In the unlikely event that weather conditions are such that it is unsafe for our installers to drive or otherwise be out of doors, or there are road closures that prevent us from completing pending Sign Orders, the Sign Order will be completed as soon as conditions permit.

Post Supplies / Inventory

Every effort is given to insure that we have ample posts and post supplies. However, in the unlikely event that our supplier is unable to provide the needed posts and post supplies, installations will be completed as soon as supplies are available.

Insufficient Signs / Sign Riders

In the event that you order a sign install for a specific county and you do not have signs and/or sign riders in the storage facility for that county, then we will have to transfer the sign and/or sign riders. This will incur a small service charge.

Agent Sign & Rider Inventory

Individual Agent Sign/Rider Inventory that is tracked on our website may or may not reflect the exact amount of signs in our storage facility. It is the agents responsibility to contact us and request an audit of current inventory on a quarterly basis. The Audit Fee is $15. At the end of each audit, the inventory numbers will be adjusted as needed. The quarterly audit will keep the agent updated on the amount of signs in inventory as well as the condition of the sign inventory.

Purchased Posts

If you have purchased real estate posts in the past, the “shelf life” of these vinyl posts is approximately 24 months. It is very common for the vinyl posts to be chipped or broken or otherwise damaged over time. After 24 months they are typically discarded or used for spare parts only.


The Stakes that are used for sign installations are an expense covered by UtahYardSigns.com only. These are the sole property of UYS. In the unlikely event a stake is lost or damaged, the replacement cost is $20 per stake.